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Steele & Colfax epk2.0Download_MP3 Steele and Colfax is a unique rock band based out of Denver, CO. Consisting of four members from different musical backgrounds, Steele and Colfax has found a sound all their own. Fifties and Sixties rock, southern blues and Motown have influenced the band heavily although each member had never previously dabbled in this particular style. For more info on the band, and to hear more songs, please visit:


waldronDownload_MP3Engaging and entertaining, Sean Waldron has a stage presence packed with soul and energy that demands attention. Between skilled guitar riffs and rhythms and vividly alluring vocals, he’ll capture you in the groove and won’t let you go until he walks off the stage.For more info on the band, and to hear more songs, please visit:

Jace Kyle Hill

HillDownload_MP3Jace Kyle Hill is known for his work playing guitar with the Denver based band LOST POINT which has had local and national success playing festivals such as Mayhem, Warped Tour, opening for national acts, and touring for nearly a decade now. Through out the years he has had his acoustic/solo project under works and is slowly coming to fruition in between writing, recording, and touring with LOST POINT, please visit: