HRCA Touch A Truck | July 26, 2014


Here at the Groove Road Show, we love big trucks. There is something about being behind the wheel of something so powerful that gets our engine running. That is why we loved being part of this year’s HRCA Touch A Truck event. Over 1,000 children came out to the event, and experienced the joy of being behind the wheel of such monstrous machines. There were construction trucks, bulldozers, delivery trucks, fire trucks, box trucks, a monster truck, our F-350 stage truck, a brand new Ford Raptor, and even helicopters. Yes we know helicopters are not trucks, but they are just so cool, why not include them? The Groove Road Show, as always, provided the soundtrack for this event. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. We are pretty sure we even saw a few dad’s having more fun in the Ford Raptor than their kids.

HRCA Touch A Truck July 26, 2014


Author: The Road Show

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