Denver Bike Night | July 23, 2014


Ahhh Denver Bike Night, how we love thee. This week’s Bike Night was so classy, even the men wore dresses. Well, the men in dresses may have had more to do with the fact that this week’s theme was actually, dresses. Either way, we had a blast. There is nothing like seeing 4,000 people dressed up in costume, having a good time. The Groove Road Show provided sound for this week’s band, Red Fox Run. This local indie rock group shredded it on stage, and even had the crowd screaming for more. We highly recommend checking them out. With another successful Bike Night completed, the Groove Road Show is looking forward to doing it all again next week. Just a heads up, the theme is All Holidays.

Denver Bike Night July 23, 2014


Author: The Road Show

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