Starlight Movie | June 7, 2014 | Castle Rock


Over the course of the summer in Colorado, there are a lot of events families can seek out for entertainment. If you are looking for some good family fun, allow us to recommend the Starlight Movies in Castle Rock. The Starlight Movie happens every first Saturday of the month, during summer time. It’s basically a street fair complete with food and drink vendors, booths featuring local businesses, bounce houses, live music (provided by the Groove Road Show of course!), and an evening movie at Castle Rock’s downtown amphitheater. Around 2,000 people came out for the summer’s first Starlight Movie, and it was a fantastic time. The event starts around 5:00 pm and goes until about 10:15 pm. This month’s movie was the popular children’s movie “Frozen.” Next month is “The Avengers.” If you are looking for something to do July 5th, we recommend grooving with the Road Show at the Starlight Movie in downtown Castle Rock. You will not be disappointed. We guarantee it.

Starlight Movie June 7, 2014


Author: The Road Show

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