Denver Bike Night | June 4, 2014

This week’s theme for Denver Bike Night was “Summer Camp”, and boy did people turn out for it. Several thousand “campers” rode their bikes through the streets of Denver in full costume. There were boy scouts, girl scouts, life guards, hikers, camp counselors, and vikings? We’re not too sure about the last one, but all the other costumes were right on point. The Road Show was surrounded by so many campers, it made us pine for the days when we could spend all afternoon lakeside playing games like red rover, beach volleyball, and capture the flag. Suddenly though, we realized we can do all that because this is Colorado! So don’t be surprised if you see the Groove Road Show out playing capture the flag in the park one of these days. All and all, the night was a great success, and everyone left with a smile on their face. Props to you Denver, for getting your Groove on every week at such an awesome event. For more information about Denver Bike Night, click on the link above.

Denver Bike Night June 4, 2014


Author: The Road Show

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