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16 year old Madi White has a certain magnetic energy about her of performers and musicians that have been around for years. This country singer/songwriter from Berthoud, Colorado has the potential to take make a big impact on the Colorado country scene and beyond. Fresh of her performance on the Groove Road Show stage (in freezing cold outdoor temperatures at that), Madi talks about her life and career right now after recording her debut album in Nashville.


How did you get your start in music start in music?

“When I was four years old my grandma gave our family a piano. I began taking lessons and never stopped playing.”

Where do you see yourself in the next couple months?

“Well if everything works out how I hope, I see myself beginning to tour. Of course I wouldn’t mind being signed to a major record label either!”

Who are some of your musical influences and favorite artists/songs?

“I love how sassy Miranda Lambert is and how tight Lady Antebellum’s harmonies are. I find that the are amazing songs in all types of genres that can inspire creativity. Of course, I find myself listening to Michael Jackson most of the time!”

What does Madi do when she is not playing shows and recording?

“Well primarily just wishing I was playing shows or recording! But I settle for rehearsing and going to school at Berthoud high school. When I’m feeling dangerous I even hang out with friends. During volleyball season I spend most of my free time in practice.”

Check out the latest from Madi including songs from her debut album and upcoming show dates HERE.

Author: The Road Show

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