Groove Thanksgiving Food Drive

This month, the Road Show will be helping out Groove’s Fall Food Drive benefiting Douglas County’s Panther Pantry. “How can a tricked out F-450 with a 12 x 12 stage that can pump out 12,000 watts of music help out a food drive?” you might ask. Well, it just so happens that the Road Show likes making deliveries as much as it does delivering tunes for the crowds at all of its events.


The Panther Pantry supports over 120 families and 600 mouths in Douglas County by providing food bundles each month to registered members of their program. What other times of the year are more associated with family and eating than the holidays? The items below will be accepted at all Groove locations around town, so bring something in when you come to check out a new or used car or when bringing in yours to get serviced.


Author: The Road Show

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